Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are of 8 min duration plus 4 min for discussion. Chairpersons will be instructed to keep presentations to the allotted time.

Authors should ensure their slides are legible and contain a limited amount of information per slide. The Organizing Committee recommends that the presentation should be carefully prepared so that it is properly timed and of high quality. Font sizes less than 14 are not recommended.

All presentations must be given by Microsoft PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations must be uploaded (see below) no later than August 22, 2010, otherwise your oral presentation might be cancelled.

If video clips or movie files are part of your presentation, these are usually not embedded in your PowerPoint presentation file. Therefore please enclose them together with the PowerPoint file in a ZIP archive which can be uploaded in one piece.

If you need last minute updates of your presentation, you are requested to bring it on a CD-ROM or USB drive to the Speaker Preparation Room (back office of the registration desk) on Monday and Tuesday between 08.00 and 16:30, or Wednesday between 8 and 11.30.

Speakers of the Thursday sessions at the Waterworks (former Parliament) must update their presentations by Wednesday 11.30h the latest.

We highly recommend checking your presentation before your session. This ensures that font, color and presentation style is appropriate since changes may occur when loaded onto another PC.

If you are using a version of PowerPoint and Windows or the Mac operating system that uses Unicode (double-byte; this is common in most Asian and Middle-Eastern versions), you MUST save the presentation by choosing an English-compatible format under File...Save as...Save as type.... This may cause some fonts to be changed, depending on what special characters you have used. You may wish to save such presentations in both the "normal" Unicode format, and in the English-compatible format, and to bring both with you to the meeting, but upload the version in the English-compatible format.

Please rename your presentation file in the following style >>number_presenting author<< (e.g. "O123_smith.ppt"). Formats accepted are *.PPT, *.PPTX and *.ZIP. The upload may take a short while depending on the file size (at least up to 20 MB should be no problem) and a small note on the successful upload appears. If you wish to upload a revised versions please use the same filename and tick the appropriate option button in the dialog below. If you experience any problems or your file is too big, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Upload was closed. Please bring your presentation file to the Beethoven Hall in Bonn.




Poster Presentations

Poster Session

Posters will be presented in “Seminarraum 1-3” from Monday, August 30, through Wednesday, September 1, until end of the coffee break. Please put your poster(s) on the boards on Sunday afternoon (14-17h) or Monday early morning (before 8:30) and remove it/them until the beginning of the congress excursion.

Poster size

Posters must not be larger than 92 cm wide and 120 cm high.

You will find your poster number fixed at the corresponding board. Necessary equipment and mounts will be provided in the poster room.

Poster layout

Please ensure poster presentations use lettering that can easily be read when standing at the poster about 1 meter away. Use large and bold lettering for the Title and immediately below this (centered) include the names of the authors and their affiliations. Highlight the presenting author. Avoid the use of too much text - dot points for results and conclusions are preferred to paragraphs covering many lines. Tables and figures can usefully break up the poster to ensure good readability. Please use headings such as Introduction, Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusions. Try to use not too many words - this can be hard to read. Use minimum text and key words or short phrases where applicable and use color to highlight your data/graphs/tables.


You may wish to include an A4 sized version (or similar smaller size) of the poster for a handout to interested delegates. Please provide envelopes on your poster site for delegates to leave their business cards for contact purposes.

Attendance at Posters

Poster presenters should be present at the poster during the following coffee breaks:

Poster 1-50, Monday, afternoon coffee break.

Poster 51-100, Tuesday, morning coffee break.

Poster 101-150, Tuesday, afternoon coffee break.

Poster 151-205, Wednesday, morning coffee break.