On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to come to Germany and to join the 48th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT), a joint meeting with the Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry (GTFCh) in Bonn, August 29 - September 2, 2010.

We guarantee a high scientific level with contributions to major topics of forensic and clinical toxicology with subtopics such as analytics, pharmacokinetics or data interpretation. This will be the basis for fruitful scientific discussions between participants from all over the world.
Of course, the science will be complemented by a highly en”joy”able social program not only to make delegates feel welcome but also to make them experience the very pleasant ambience and hospitality of Bonn, the former German capital and native town of the great German composer Ludwig van Beethoven. Moreover, the surroundings of Bonn and other beautiful parts of Germany and neighboring central European countries invite you to include a vacation into your trip to Bonn.
We look forward to meeting you in Bonn.
Hans H. Maurer & Frank Musshoff
Chairmen, TIAFT-GTFCh Bonn2010 Organizing Committee


Presidents message for Bonn TIAFT/GTFCh Meeting

Dear Delegates

It is my pleasure to invite you all to Bonn to the 48th TIAFT annual meeting held jointly with the (German Speaking) Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry (GTFCh). Profs Hans Maurer and Frank Musshoff and their scientific organising committee chaired by Profs Thomas Kraemer and Frank Peters have put together a wonderful and exciting program in the best traditions of TIAFT. There are presentations covering such areas as alcohol, drugs and driving, clinical toxicology, drug monitoring, drugs of abuse, drug facilitated crimes, forensic chemistry, post-mortem toxicology, workplace drug testing, and doping control. The social program also looks exciting and I´m sure will make the most of the proud traditions of the Germans and showcase the birthplace of Ludwig von Beethoven and his amazing music.

I look forward to seeing you all and sharing with you the developments in analytical and forensic toxicology and once again celebrate our annual event in the best TIAFT tradition.

Olaf H. Drummer
TIAFT President